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Truelove night safety pet products led dog Glow in Dark Adjustable luminous collar light up dog leashes

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*There are also 2 black strong stainless snap hooks and three rings to make the lead totally the more dependable.

*Wide soft mesh padding make this dog leash extremely comfortable for both you and your Dog.

*Wash label with size information can be wrote owner contact information,avoiding dogs'loss. 


7in 1 Multi-Function :

01.A 175cm leash:you can then go back to 175cm length by just attach the hook to first ring.

02.A double lead:pulling the lead through the ring at middle of the leash

03.A 135cm leash:go from a 175cm lead to a 135cm lead by simply attaching hook to the ring at midddle of the lead.

04.A tether:allows the leash to be used as a dog tether if you need to tie up your pet for a minute.

05.A 110cm lead:attach the hook to the ring at the end of lead and you have a 110cm lead.

06.A hands free leash

07.It also functions as a temporary check collar and leash all-in-one.


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